USASF Limited Divisions

The 2022 Cheerleading Worlds will offer three NEW Senior divisions:

      1. Limited XSmall/Small (All Girl)
      2. Limited XSmall Coed
      3. Limited Small Coed

These Limited Divisions are reserved for programs represented by only one team at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship.
Teams will qualify for their Worlds bids as in the past, competing in their traditional divisions. However, when registering for Worlds they will have the option to transfer to the appropriate Limited Division or remain in a traditional XSmall, Small, XSmall Coed or Small Coed division.

NOTE: Limited Division options will only be offered at The World Championship, not during the regular season at events.

USASF Worlds Divisions

6Senior XSmall (SXS)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-2007No males5-16 members
6Senior Small (SS)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-2007No males17-22 members
6Senior Medium (SM)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-2007No males23-30 members
6Senior Large (SL)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-2007No males31-38 members
6Senior XSmall Coed (SXSC)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-20071-2 males5-16 members
6Senior Small Coed (SSC)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-20071-5 males5-22 members
6Senior Medium Coed (SMC)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-20071-8 males5-30 members
6Senior Large Coed (SLC)13-18 yrs6/1/2001-20071-19 males5-38 members
6Senior Open (SO)13+ yrs2007 or earlier No males5-24 members
6Senior Open Small Coed (SOSC)13+ yrs2007 or earlier 1-4 males5-24 members
6Senior Open Large Coed (SOLC)13+ yrs2007 or earlier 5-12 males5-24 members

IASF Worlds Divisions

Listed are the 2021 divisions. 2022 division list will be provided soon.

Exceptional Athletes

Any U.S. or non-U.S. CheerABILITIES team that would like to receive a bid to perform/exhibition in the CheerABILITIES Division at The Cheerleading World Championship in 2022 may submit a video for qualification. Up to 5 CheerABILITIES teams (limited to one team per program) are selected to receive At-Large bids. The number of participants that performed on the competition floor in the video at the qualifying event may not be exceeded by the number of participants performing on The Cheerleading Worlds’ floors.

Age Requirements
At the 2022 Cheerleading Worlds the athlete must be at least 5+ years old, with a birth year of 2016 or before, and no maximum age requirement.

Credentials Required for Eligibility CHEER ONLY
U.S. teams only, at least one coach must be credentialed to Level 2 in both building and tumbling or one in each category in order to be eligible to receive a bid. Contact your Regional Director for more information.

Bid Acceptance
U.S. Bid winners must accept the bid via their member portal within 48 hours of receiving it and non-U.S. teams must accept by email within 48 hours of the Announcement. Any At-Large bid not accepted may be transferred to an alternate team at USASF’s discretion.

Video Submission Requirements
The USASF is allowing teams to select how they submit their performance from one of the following methods for Worlds 2022:

      • U.S. teams may submit an unedited performance from a USASF Event Producer member’s in-person sanctioned competition (not applicable for non-U.S. teams competing internationally).
      • Non-U.S. teams may submit an unedited recording of the team’s performance filmed in their gym/studio, etc (not applicable for U.S. teams)

 Deadline for online form/video submissions: Monday, March 14, 2022 at noon EST.

Evaluation Process
Teams submitting a video for a bid will be evaluated using the USASF CheerABILITIES score sheet which is located in the USASF Member Resources. To access the score sheet, log into your Coach Profile. At the top right under your name, click the dropdown menu, select Visit Member Resources > Resources > Exceptional Athletes.

Entry Fee
Entry fee is $50 per routine submission. You may submit as many routines as you like, however, only one team per program can earn a bid.

Selected teams receiving At-Large bids, along with all scores, will be announced on The Cheerleading Worlds website on Friday, March 18th.

How to Qualify
Click the link below to complete the entry form, provide payment, and to upload a link to your video. Be sure your video link is operable!

Exceptional Athlete Video Qualification