The Road to Worlds

The United States All Star Federation and the International All Star Federation host just two competitions a year – The Cheerleading Worlds™ and The Dance Worlds™. Event producers of premier championships sponsor their best teams to compete at these international competitions. Cheer and dance teams from all over the world may qualify to compete in either Senior or International divisions.

2020 – 2021 Bid Event Schedule

Take a look at the upcoming 2020-2021 event schedule and see where you can earn your bid.

2020 – 2021 Bid Recipients

Find out who will be competing the The Cheerleadng Worlds in 2021.

Worlds Cup Race


All Level 6 and 7 Teams entering one or more approved USASF Tier 3 Member Events (declared and approved as USASF-Sanctioned National Championships) will receive points based on the size of their division and placement rankings. At the end of the season, the Level 6 and/or 7 Teams with the highest point totals, will win 3 Paid Bids and 3 At Large Bids to the 2021 Cheerleading Worlds.


2020-2021 Competition Season (November 1, 2020 – April 5, 2021)

Worlds Cup Race

Credentialing Requirements

Coaches attending The Cheerleading Worlds™ 2021 must have the appropriate credentials.

Exceptional Athlete Bid Qualification

Any U.S.or non-U.S. CheerABILITIES & DanceABILITIES teams that would like to receive a bid to perform/exhibition in the CheerABILITIES or DanceABILITIES Divisions at The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship in 2021 may submit a video for qualification. Up to 5 CheerABILITIES teams and 5 DanceABILITIES teams (limited to one team per program) are selected to receive “At-Large” bids. The number of participants that performed on the competition floor in the video at the qualifying event may not be exceeded by the number of participants performing on The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds’ floors.